Shana Shaly A. and Lionel Conod are the Blogger behind the Swiss fashion and lifestyle blog, Theshanelfashionissue. Professionalizing their dedication to fashion, photography and inspiration was one of the many reasons to blog and aspire readers worldwide. The Shanel Fashion Issue clearly is a destination for fashion enthusiasts and life lovers. By sharing not only outfits but also meaningful content on everyday life topics, Shana and Lionel wanted to create a platform that maintains relatable for everyone.

Over the last year since Theshanelfashionissue establishment, the two bloggers have worked with numerous Swiss and International brands which include, but not limited to Elie Jewelry, Util Clothing, Topshop and many more. Since the launch of the Blog, Theshanelfashionissue has found its place as one of the leading style blogs in Switzerland.